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Discover our huge selection of floral foam with more than 250 products!

Best quality and small packaging units with a fair price-performance ratio! In addition to our own brand Opiflor, you can also purchase a wide range of OASIS® products. Whether wet, dry or duplex foam, you will find classic bricks, special shapes as well as everything you need for centrepieces, weddings- and tribute decorations.

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Foam categories:


arious hearts, bridal bouquet holders.

Table decoration

table decoration bowls, wreaths and hearts and further special forms for the creative table decoration.


car bouquet holders, various heart shapes and fastening solutions for the festively decorated vehicle.


urn and grave decorations in various designs and shapes! Many products made of compostable materials and therefore ideal for cemeteries.

opiflor Bricks

high quality wet, dry and duplex foam bricks of our own brand Opiflor. With or without base or wire mesh and in various sizes..

opiflor Topseller shapes

hearts, wreaths and much more.


large selection of OASIS® branded products: classic bricks, hearts and many products for funeral floristry.

Special shapes

Special shapes such as spheres, stars, numbers or even large foam panels.


Fastening solutions, wire and plastic grids, tools and more.

Our recommendation for you:

Soaking floral foam - how to get the best results

  1. Prepare a large, deep container. Ideal would be a container twice the size of your floral foam, allowing the water to circulate freely around the foam.
  1. Fill the container with fresh, clear water. The water temperature should be around 18 °C, not too warm, not too cold!
  1. Place the floral foam gently onto the top of the water and allow the foam to float freely down into the water. Never plunge or push the foam under the water!
  1. Now you can take a break! Because of it´s excellent ability to absorb water, the Opiflor floral foam will get completely soaked.
  1. Lift the foam out as soon as it appears to have completely absorbed water or sunk to the bottom of the container.

Store Opiflor foam in a dry, dark and cool place. If kept in good conditions, Opiflor floral foam will not deteriorate with age!

It is important to soak Opiflor floral foam correctly in order to succeed with your design!